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This is a song about coming home, both externally and internally. Home is a feeling, not just a place and this song is what it feels like to me. I grew up in a little village called Scarborough, situated at the tip of Africa. Growing up I ran around barefoot and naked most of the time. I spent my days playing in the ocean and on the mountain and I’m so grateful for that start in life. I’ve since travelled a fair amount and lived in big cities like London, Bristol and others. Any time I’m in a city I get the feeling that they’re not a natural human environment. Cities inspire disconnection and force us to defend ourselves from one another, when truly we are all from the same family. This song is about those things and about how much I love meeting my kind of people all over the world, those who value simple pleasures like barefoot meandering and walking on the mountain and being naked in all the ways that count.


Growing up was easy, taking life slowly
Ocean and mountain were my friends
I was in no hurry, shoes were never near me
Barefoot and naked in the rain

I know you well
I know you well
I know you well
Home x3

I’ve lived in the city, city all around me
No one was naked in the rain
Seemed as though the people compounded all their troubles
Compressed them into concrete and to pain

I see you crying
People walk by it doesn’t make much sense to me
I see you crying
Why don’t you try to come on home with me

Come on

Everyone who meets me, knows I’m from the country
I am proud of everything that I have learned
And everywhere I travel, I love all those people
Who get naked and crazy in the rain

I know you well
I know you well
I know you well
Home, Home
Come on


from Home, released May 16, 2012




Nate Maingard London, UK

Modern troubadour Nate Maingard’s transcendent folk aesthetic encompasses irresistible hooks, uplifting enlightenment, and shamanistic energy. The Cape Town, South Africa-based artist’s songs chronicle a boldly vulnerable introspective journey

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