Thinking Of A Starfish

from by Nate Maingard

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This song was inspired by a story I heard a while back, originally written by Loren Eiseley. It’s one which helps me when I’m feeling overwhelmed by how much we have to fix in this world. The song is a dialogue between two sides of me, one side wanting to give up and the other which is constantly optimistic.
The story goes like this:
A boy is walking along a beach after a huge storm has washed millions of starfish up onto the sand. As he walks along the boy bends down, picks up a starfish and throws it back into the water; bends down, picks up another starfish and throws it back into the water. He keeps doing this until a man walks up to him and, looking down at the boy, says, “Boy, can’t you see that what you are doing is pointless? There are millions of starfish on this beach and no matter what you do, you can’t make any difference, you might as well give up!”
The boy looks up at the man, and then looks at the millions of starfish all over the beach. He bends down and picks up another starfish and throws it back into the ocean. He looks back up at the man and says, “I made a difference to that one!”


If I could keep it simple every single day
I know the world would surely help to me to wash it all away

So my products are organic and healthy for the planet
But you’re one of seven billion, you might as well just can it

No, I’m thinking of a starfish and the word appreciation
Sometimes the biggest difference is to throw one in the ocean

Well it seems you have a good point so I will no further argue
Let’s hope that every starfish has an angel just like you


from Home, released May 16, 2012




Nate Maingard London, UK

Modern troubadour Nate Maingard’s transcendent folk aesthetic encompasses irresistible hooks, uplifting enlightenment, and shamanistic energy. The Cape Town, South Africa-based artist’s songs chronicle a boldly vulnerable introspective journey

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